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What we do

"We help students and adults grow and learn in a fast changing world"

Providing the best work experiences, training courses, workshops and seminars for students and adults, Bulgaria Gateway is dedicated to bring value into every aspect of training and learning mobility.

As partner of schools from all over Europe it has become the best and most successful Bulgarian work experience provider agency in the education sector.

With a professional and committed team, Bulgaria Gateway ensures consistency and quality, delivering world class services in a professional outstanding standard.

As part of ETN International, Bulgaria Gateway shares and contributes towards a clear vision about the powerful magic behind learning and training in an international environment.

What we offer

A set of personalised services thought to make your experience abroad unforgettable.

Monitoring Activities

Meet our tutors and let them guide you through a certified evaluation process that will allow you to assess your progress and achievements.


Explore the benefits of working with our ECVET Procedure – a recognised best practice for competence assessment, evaluation and certification.


Let our dedicated team help you effectively build your interim and final reports with no stress at all.


Bring home with you your Language, Work Placement, Workshop or Experience Pro certificate and let it be the first of many more to come.

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Mira Nedyalkova

Agency Director


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Darina Yankova

Work Placement Officer


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Diana Pantcheva

Training Tutor & European Project Coordinator


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Stiliana Todorova

International Relations Officer


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Ekaterina Brazitsova

Operations Officer & Training Tutor


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Ivo Petrov

Students Welfare Officer


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Europa Bulgaria

Project and main goal: Overcoming the shortage of funds and lack of liquidity, brought on as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Beneficiary: ''ETN Bulgaria Gateway'' Ltd.

Total amount: 10,000 BGN, of which 8,500 BGN co-financed by the EU and 1,500 BGN nationally co-financed.

Start: 14.09.2020

End: 14.12.2020

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